The Dunedin Chamber guide program
to boost your digital strategies

Graphic Design

Kaylin Ingram

Content Strategy

Madison Thayer


John Strojny


Chris Wolf

Website Design

Tyler Koltz

Guidance from Local Dunedin Experts


Do I have to be a Dunedin Chamber member to apply?

Yes. The Guide Program is built around the support from the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce.

How can I communicate with the Tech Guides?

Through phone calls, email, and virtual meetings. This saves both of us time and allows us to record meetings for you to access later!

Why apply to the Tech Guide Program?

If you are a business that relied on traditional marketing tactics, this is a program for you. This is a growing experience and we are ready to address your specific challenges.

How much time will I devote?

20 Hours a month of active, actionable work with the Tech Guides

Will the work be done for me?

Not Necessarily. The Tech Guides will point you in direction of what tools and strategies to use. It is up to you to execute the work and apply it to your business!

Do I need a digital strategy?

It can be very helpful to better understand your customers. Using digital tools help give you insight into their behaviors and demographics.

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Application Deadline: December 31st, 2020

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